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Philosophy of care

Eversleigh provides a home where residents feel cared for, safe, comfortable, and able to live as full a life as they can.

We want every resident to enjoy the highest quality of life and so we offer individual care based on each residentís personal needs, abilities and preferences.
Families are always welcomed and encouraged to visit and to share their ideas.


Those who are interested in coming to Eversleigh are encouraged to visit the Home and sample the surroundings, the atmosphere, and the quality of the care we offer.

Individual care plans are discussed and agreed with the resident and their family as well as other professionals involved. Plans are regularly reviewed and updated to make sure they reflect changing needs.

Health and medical needs

Each residentís health is very important. Residents are given the choice of retaining their own GP, if the GP is willing to visit Eversleigh. If not, they can choose an alternative local GP. We register short-term placements with a local GP on a temporary basis.


We provide high quality meals which are freshly prepared at Eversleigh. We actively consult residents about menus to let us know their preferences and we welcome familiesí feedback so that we can adapt our meals to include these choices.

Individual meals are prepared when residents need special diets.


We work to maintain each residentís sense of dignity, value and self-esteem. We encourage residents to make their own decisions and to take care of their own day to day needs when they can. We listen to residents and their families and adapt to meet their changing needs.


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